The following images are examples of Dad's limited edition print series.  

    Clyde Heron was know as a historical artist, portraitist, Western Artist, and reinactor.  His favorite subject matter involved ranching heritage and the Indian War Period.  His research was originally focused on his favorite fort - Fort Davis.  He loved to educate others through his art especially about the less know heroes such as the Buffalo Soldiers.  He later served as General Robert E. Lee's combat artist in national reinactments.  

    The initials behind his name indicate his Signature Status in the American Plains Artists and Oil Painters of America.  Signature Status is earned by exhibiting skill, professionalism and other requirements set by each organization.  His signature on his paintings also showed the silhouette of a heron.

Indian War Series​​​


Mackenzie's Raid in Palo Duro Canyon​
Attack on Eagle Springs
The Buffalo Soldiers:  America's Unsung Heroes

Southern Heritage Series

Lee Calls on Hood's Texans
Gathering of Eagles
Forrest's Pursuit of Streight
General Robert E. Lee
There are more limited editon prints that he created.  I will post more in the future.

If you are interested in purchasing prints, at this time you will need to contact print dealers.